About the Budget

Since graduating from college I have struggled with the concept of striking a balance between spending and saving. Initially, after incurring an insane amount of debt, I realized that I needed to curb my spending drastically so that I could pay it off and move out on my own. Now, completely credit card debt free (I still have those pesky student loans), I feel sudden guilt and slight remorse when I go shopping. I must dress for the position that I want to someday achieve. This requires not only dressing professionally and coming up with new combinations with my current wardrobe but also adding to said wardrobe. When shopping I have to remind myself of the following:

-Is it something unique that cannot be replicated with the pieces I already own?
-Is the fit perfect? (not, will it fit in the future etc. buy for the body you currently have)
-Is the item versatile? Can I come up with multiple looks/modes of wearing said item?

After careful evaluation, I then go ahead and make a decision. Since I pay my credit card balance off in full every month, I have permission to treat myself. Being more discriminating allows for me to end up with more quality, classic pieces that I will deeply enjoy. It is still hard to curb my spending as I go through bouts of splurging and spending diets. To make my shopping trips more enjoyable I think I will begin implementing a wardrobe allowance especially since I want to continue to steadily revamp my wardrobe and closet.

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