The year of magical thinking

Slowly inching our way through the week! I am in love with summer so seeing it get colder, darker and the fall creeping in is not my favorite part of October. Watch out for the SADs (seasonal affective disorder) my people.

Super proud of my ability to truly rethink my wardrobe. Being more creative with how I wear my pieces makes me happy. Going from being frumpy-ish at work to being deliberate and thoughtful when getting dressed truly makes a difference in how I carry myself now. Just taking so much care lifts my self esteem and puts me in a happier mood.

Today I wore my Zara dress as a skirt and layered in a button up and sweater. Yay me! It truly is becoming simpler to get dressed. I usually plan my outfits during the day and put them together or try the concepts out at night. It takes a bit more but I love being confident and put together on a daily basis.

“She believed
 she could
 so she did”

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