Keep your Gangsta in your back pocket…

It’s a Sunday morning at about 3am. You’re walking home alone after having one too many sips of the holy wine (I know you don’t drink as we are all classy ladies around here…). You have baby Jesus on queue in your prayers but only after invoking our holiest and highest grace our Mother Mary. Rosary in hand, you keep your b*tch face on and maintain vigilance as you walk those cold mean streets of New York City. You take a deep sigh of relief as you realize, you brought your most trusted sidekick:

Alexander McQueen’s Knuckle Duster Clutch $2125
Anybody so much as glances your way (so help you G*D)- You, my dearest friend, are going to REGULATE!!! haha! 
I think the first time I noticed the trend of serious hardware on a handbag was back in 2008. A coworker had purchased a Rebecca Minkoff bag that was studded. I thought the bag was too showy and shiny but now it all makes sense. We live a new world where it is more common to see insane embellishments on accessories. It’s like the entire world has decided it is ok to bedazzle everything in studs. The Alexander Wang bag is a big offender: 
Damage: $725
One swing with that bag and you’re bound to knock some teeth out. Wangsta’ their ass in one swift swipe. When I was looking into the reviews for this bag, one of the main complaints was that it was too heavy and, as a result, impractical. The designer was making the embellishments out of some sort of metal plus the weight of the heavy leather totaled disaster. At some point he smartened up and switched to a lighter material for the studs.
My absolute favorite of bags and most creative goes to this one: 

only $239 for a “Guardian Angel

Very subtle. Nothing says bad *ss b*tch than the imprint of your weapon of choice. Go ahead- MAKE MY M*THER F’ING DAY! haha! I’d rather be on this side of the violence… the inflicting the pain side of things… Clearly some of these bags will also leave your wallets bruised and your credit card/bank account begging for mercy if you’re not careful.

If you’re not a handbag person, no worries, I gotchu :p

Call to ACTION! Arm yourself! Then go read about other bags that double as weapons. Because you never know when you will have to shank a b*tch.

This lovely post was brought to you by Griz. Bag that started the inquisition:

If you want your own more reasonably priced weapon, try Zara. Can you really put a price on peace of mind? :p

 Stay safe- be careful out there!

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