In Lust…

I suffer from a chronic case of the wants, must buy, and will purchase. Sometimes things terminate when I throw it into my virtual shopping cart and then click out of the paige. Shopping Cart Syndrome is real. No one is immune. For this particular desired item, I will write a post in the hopes that I remember to purchase it in the future. I heard that around this time of year Sephora has their Friends & Family event… With this in mind I present to you Makeup For Ever. I am intrigued by all of the pinker shades of the line and will have to go in store to try it on. And by “try it on” I mean swatch it on my hand and quickly run to use the makeup remover, followed by the alcohol, followed by a thorough washing of my hands. (Sidenote: Am I the only one completely grossed out by their testers- specifically lipstick?) From a review I read, this lipstick supposedly wears for 8+ hours without breaking a sweat. I say bring it on lipstick. You and me we have an appointment to rumble. Wait, am I supposed to get the lip liner as well? And while on the subject this makeup sealer converts your pre-existing makeup into long lasting waterproof (bulletproof?) stuff… Will have to try it out myself.

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