Dominate Me!

I .::LOVE LOVE LOVE::. Stacy London from What Not to Wear. I remember watching her from the very beginning- the pre-Clinton days. Her show was an inspiration to me. It really oriented me when I was transitioning from college into trying to shop for work clothes. Not only is she an awesome lady but her sense of humor just wins me over. Quotes below:

“Style is such a means for joy in terms of self expression and it’s no fun if you don’t allow yourself to participate in that. It’s about finding your own way and that means starting with yourself as the standard rather than comparing yourself to…Gisele. Because frankly, it doesn’t matter how hard you wish or try, or how much energy you spend wanting to look like Gisele…it’s never going to happen. If Gisele is the standard, you’re NEVER going to measure up. But if you’re the standard, you measure up before you start.”

”What I’m MORE excited about is what I’m going to call The Fifty Shade of Grey influence in fashion. I’m wearing a body chain, and I’m obsessed with shackles, anything handcuff jewelry related… Dominate Me!”

BUY HER BOOK!!! She’s f*cking badass!!!

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