Getting out of my own way…

Life is very difficult but it is more so when you are the only barrier standing between yourself and success. On Sunday night, I realized what a couple of people had been trying to gently prod out of me. Over the years, my zest and energy had died out. Whether this was due to depression and anxiety brought on by a mild medical condition- there really was and is no excuse for having basically slept and simply existed (though with momentary spurts of energy) over the course of TEN years. It has been a difficult time, I do not want to make light of my past difficulties, but I think I am ready to step into my own. It will be hard as I still deal with a mild chronic condition (Hypothyroidism- name your scary monster) but it will be an honor to negotiate with this ever-evolving new self. I will be trying to build the vibrant life I want to LIVE (totally an ACTION VERB for me now). 2013 is so special to me because the end of 2012 showed me the potential of what could be while I am awake and actively living life. 2013 will be the embodiment and all that potential coming to fruition. It will be an honor to have you make this journey with me.

Thank you so much for reading.

.::Sparkle 2013::.

This one’s for me 🙂

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