A Slice of Watermelon

Guess where I am writing you from? My freaking brand new WATERMELON PINK desk! Yay!

Yesterday my wonderful brother and his friend built my desk and office chair while I was away at the movies watching This is 40. The movie was amazing but even better was coming home to having my office set up :). Not sure if the desk will be staying where it is currently located but I love the shot of color in my room. So excited.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day off. And even more than that, yesterday was sorely needed. Never again will I go for months without a day off. That was torture. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and it looks like I aged backwards. I am radiating, rested and looking younger (is that possible?). There’s a joke at work that when the new analyst come in they tend to age at least 7 years after their two year stint at our company. haha! Poor guys and gals!

Anywho, enjoy your day! 🙂

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