Introducing the One Two…


I invited my sister up to give me her honest opinion on my outfit. The conversation went something like this:

M: Hey, what do you think of my outfit?
Sis: I like it. It’s really cute.
M: You don’t think the skirt is too short?
Sis: No, of course not. It’s right above the knee…
M: Yea, THREE inches right above the knees- It’s my high school skirt!
Sis: No way! Wait, Really!!!?
haha! Yes, this is my high school skirt. It’s a vintage piece of circa 1998. It is crazy that it’s been that long and even crazier that both teachers and student reps would MEASURE our skirts to make sure it was the correct length- THREE INCHES ABOVE THE KNEES! Still fits! And still regulation! Shame on my sis for not recognizing her Alma Mater’s uniform (she went before me! All in the fam! 🙂 And to cap it off I think I might just wear my ring too.
Keep it classy!!!

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