A Toy Story

Good mornin’! 
So I am still in deep battle with the tripod and the camera’s wireless shutter release (aka remote control). For the time being I will take pics using my mirror and camera until I sort things out. All this technology, I feel so grow’d up :p Perhaps one day I can graduate to being tech savvy. 
Speaking of my growing up and such- Guess what I purchased? I got myself a freaking doll!!! Not just any doll though. I got a Lil’ Miss MakeUp doll. The same one that came out in 1988 – I had one as a child! I located one in near mint condition. How cool is she?!!? haha! 
$3 on ebay :p

So the feature that is amazing- not only does she have a heart on her cheek but if you place an ice cube (i think…) to her face she gets made up! She has eyeshadow, her lips turn darker and she has blush as well, earrings appear and she has nail polish. Totally mesmerized me as a child. What would a regular ol’ kid say if you told them to play with a doll or build a fort? haha! Old School. 

Me and my camera 🙂 Conquering the world! 
Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by. 
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