Happy Thursday Everyone!

Yesterday was quite eventful. I have to give it time to unravel. Life has surprises and we must be up to the challenge of taking them on. 
Moving on to the next topic (love my transition?) – I wore my makeup forever lipstick and was again quite surprised at the durability. I applied it early in the morning at around 7:36 am. First I moisturized since I knew the lipstick could be drying. Results of application:

Morning: 7:36am

The key with the first application is to let the color set for a bit. I actually held my mouth open (a bit awkward) for a good 5-10 minutes until I felt the color completely dry. I then applied the clear lip gloss side of things. Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in color number 10 is super amazing. It did not rub off or smear all day. I have a phobia of lipstick and this one stayed put through it all. What I learned from the first time was that I could not use another product aside from the lip gloss that came with the Aqua Rouge lipstick (more of a gloss with two sides- one colored and the other one clear). Below are the results after a full day of work.

Evening: 6:42pm

Well played Make Up For Ever. If you are new to makeup and want something that last- Go with it! I did not re-apply the color but I did redo the clear lip gloss that came with the stick. Very impressive. Removal was not too horrible. I used my regular Cetaphil cleanser followed by the Make Up For Ever makeup remover. The key to good skin is to cleanse at night and moisturize.

Have a great day!

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