In the RAW

Note how well the V of the T-shirt and the dress compliment each other.
The necklace V is icing on the cake.

Reason for no blog posts the past couple of days: ::TRAUMA:: (Perhaps a bit dramatic but let’s run with it…)

I had photography classes at ICP and it has been crazy. Saturday and Sunday 10am through 5pm was brutal to say the least. I enjoyed every moment of learning but the toll it has taken on me has been indescribable. Sunday I got called out in class for drinking a Red Bull in class. Thank goodness the instructor was not aware that it was my SECOND one of the day and this did not include my vanilla latte with a shot of espresso from Starbucks (damn you!).

I learned about aperture which controls depth of field:

Yup- that would be my huge coffee cup on Saturday…
Hi depth of field- nice to meet you
Shutter speed helps to either stop motion

or speed up motion
In the end, all I have learned thus far is that I am a prodigy in this photography thing- just that I haven’t discovered it yet :p
Saturday- Automatic Mode aka pre-class
Sunday- No more auto mode

We are limited to Manual mode, Aperture Mode and Time Mode (Shutter Mode). That’s it! What the hell!!!! Yea- there’s no portrait mode, no landscape, no anything! And you can f*cking forget AUTOMATIC mode… We are way too classy for that sh*! (that’s what our instructor says… ROCK ‘N ROLL!) Oh and by the way- we are not supposed to use the screen- up close and personal baby!

I don’t know- I am kind of sweating this out until my prodigious self decides to show up to this b*tch.

By Me

I will surprise myself.

Photo by Keith Carter who’s from Wisconsin

Have a great Monday!!! Take the risk! šŸ™‚

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