Make it work

After the weekend I am exhausted and called it an early evening yesterday. Good rest is important.

State of the Blog: There are some growing pains. The whole camera not being on auto has presented many an issue- mainly that I have no god forsaken idea as to what I am doing. There aren’t many adjustments that need to be done but when things are happening in live action, it is hard to gauge what to do. I guess instinct and being able to intuit what is needed will come with lots of practice. For now, I have to be patient with myself- this might mean pre-shooting photos either the night before or on the weekends. It seems kind of daunting to try on a week’s worth of outfits. I can start trying that out once my photography class is done and my weekends free up once more.

That whole tripod and shutter remote is completely behooving me at the moment. I need to practice, practice, and practice!!!

Have a great day!

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