Catch My Breath


K- Had to get that out of the way. Don’t you just sometimes want to scream? I sometimes do follow through- people are going to start thinking I am crazy.

My brain has been fixated on vacation. I am doing Anguilla in May and can’t get the thought out of my head. To that end, I have been scouring the sale sections and summer arrivals. I found the following:

At this point- clearly on me
 it will have to be tailored.
Everything else screams HOT!

This dress is ::magic::. Yes, please!

These shoes are super comfy and still dressy. 
Bustier for more boobage action for just $18 🙂

The colors and pattern screams SUMMER!!!
Not only that but hello multi-tasker!
I can wear it to work.

Now that you have seen and read my rationalization, I have one more thing to add: I AM GOING TO LOOK F*ING HOT! Yay Summer! 🙂 DOUBLE YAY FOR VACATION! Now for that little thing about paying for flights, hotel and finding a dress to attend the wedding I was invited to… Minor details 🙂

Carry on!

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