Deadly Sins

We made it through Monday! I did not even get to bang my head on my desk in exasperation- total win! After work I went and returned a dress at Zara that I had purchased online. I fell in love with this beauty that was standing before me in the window: 
Alas, it was sold out but a rep said they would get a new shipment on Thursday. I like the bomber jacket aesthetic but am wondering if the print is too busy. I guess if you keep everything else simple it balances it out. My only dilemma is that it only comes in a size Small or Medium. This might be a bit too big on my frame. I will go in Thursday and give it a try. Hopefully it fits.
A day at a time and soon enough the year will be over- craziness! We are already up to my birthday season (Year?)! :p 
Enjoy Tuesday folks! 
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