Spilt Coffee: Anatomy of a B.A.D. Day

Yesterday, I wore my nice silk shirt that I purchased to wear under my suit on special (::wink::) occasions. I thought all was fine and dandy. The day was going swimmingly. Then I decided that I needed coffee. I went and set up the Keurig coffee maker. I told myself to stand back since the machine has a history of splattering on me. At the last second, I also decided that I needed to add milk while the coffee was brewing- BIG mistake. A huge blob of coffee seemed to jump out of the cup, suspend itself in mid air as I thought- oh no, its freaking coming for me! Oh yea, I saw it coming in slow freaking motion! It made itself a nice little landing on my sleeve about 6 inches from my wrist. How it flew so high and so far? – I don’t know. All  I do know is that my stained shirt paved the way for a collective bad day at the office. Without getting into great details- I think everyone had a bad day yesterday.

My advice for “bad” days- turn things around and recast those negatives into positives- this was an embraceable moment. A lesson learned and a great way to see that sometimes, the psyche of a place or environment can easily permeate one’s skin. First and foremost, one must try not to let circumstances or situations dictate one’s reaction. One should  not act out of a negative emotional place- be it anger, fear, or depression. The stained shirt did not upset me. I bought it to be worn under  a suit and I can definitely still do that without anyone noticing. What that coffee droplet did do was let me know that today I need to try better to have an excellent day. An amazing, fantastic, VIBRANTLY HAPPY day.

I go out into the world, wishing everyone the same- take control of your day. Have a damn good day! Have the last laugh! Might as well share in the universe’s sense of humor :p I got you Universe!

As my 8th grade teacher used to say- Don’t sweat the small stuff! And remember- it’s ALL small stuff!

.::Sparkle 2013::.

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