Review: Bad Girl Dress by Three Floor

    I bought this dress for the wedding in Anguilla. The dress is hot! As a matter of fact- a bit too freaking hot for a tropical wedding. The material is heavy wool. This is a big no go for me and a deal breaker. That’s a big reason as to why I am returning the dress. The other reason being that it’s not the tone I want to strike. 
    I don’t know about you but when I get dressed in the morning I usually think about the mood I am in and visualize the tone or mood I would like to achieve for the day. Sometimes, when I feel a bit down, I may need a more playful outfit. If I am feeling a bit uncertain, I may want to dress in an outfit that is more put together and commands respect. In this manner, I am able to guide myself into what state I would like to be in. This has really helped me in achieving a more balanced state and being able to maintain periods of happiness. No matter what is going on in the office, I know I can confront any problem because I welcomed the day with some degree of planning and forethought. It truly has been a revelation for me.
  This dress strikes more of a whimsical bad girl look. On my small frame I think it’s a bit too cutesy. I want something that’s more chic, cleaner lines and is classically beautiful. I want people to think “HOT DAMN!” I don’t think this one was it for me. Back to the drawing board!

The back detailing- a bit S&M’ish.
The dress is still available at ShopBop in white.
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