Hello friends! 
Last night I was playing around with the photoshop skills I learned last week. I must say- wow! 
Original photo is on the left and altered photo is on the right. I amped the color on my scarf and made it drape differently. I also tried removing my bed out of the frame. On me, I removed a pimple on my chin, made my hair luxurious, and pushed in my side to remove the underwear line due to the pose. When used responsibly- this is freaking AWESOME! 
I went with a more body conscious dress to lift my spirits (nowadays- every day needs a pick me up :p Oh joy!). I decided to drape my scarf over me for a more demure look. I love the pattern and the fact that it attracts the eye but covers whatever assets I do not want to display at the office (I don’t get paid enough ;p). To a better day!
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