Connection Creation

Today, I head over to God’s Love We Deliver. Volunteering is such a selfishly selfless act. It not only benefits those in need but is self serving in that it adds to one’s own happiness
Even if you do not have time to volunteer, kindness in your everyday interactions goes far. Doing something kind for strangers creates positive energy that comes back to you. Yesterday, as I was heading down riding the elevator at work,  the doors opened on a lower floor to let an older gentleman in. I smiled at him without even noticing. Just that, a simple smile, came back to me in positivity. He complimented me on my smile and told me that he had been having a bad day and was rushing home. My smile had brightened up his day. Super sweet and I told him so. He commented that my family should be so proud of me. 
What he did not know and I did not tell him was that I was having a horrible day. He totally brightened up my day. Total strangers connecting and helping each other get by. Next time, when on the train or rushing to get home, slow down and crack a smile. You never know who may need it more, you or a stranger. 
Smiling through Wednesday… 
“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion; and if you want yourself to be happy, practice compassion.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama in The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living
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