To Be Continued…

This year, thus far, I had a low key birthday. My darling friends know that I love a good party. So much so that I usually extend my birthday to include the whole month of March in what is known as MaryFest. This year, I will celebrate all the way up to my 30th birthday. I will have the huge blow out party in the summer and will continue from there. I love me warm weather and I love my birthday. I think they go together perfectly. 
My lovely sister spent all weekend celebrating my birthday and could not believe that I was not having a large party of my own. She took me out to dinner, brunch and even went to the general family gathering on Sunday. I think it was because I did not want a celebration in the winter, but over the course of the weekend- my mum was taken to the ER (she is fine now), my mom’s house almost burnt down, and my birthday cake was crushed by fat Cat.  This all added up to quite a comical turn of events. It was perfect and I loved it all. Thank you all for making the birth day super special. I will be partying it up all the way to March 2014!
They haven’t seen the last of me yet…. O;p bwahahahahaha!!!!

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