Things Happen…

Yesterday was such a learning experience for me…

I get home from work to find that the toilette had completely overflowed. A complete disaster would not even be the words to describe this. I was beyond traumatized and mortified. I reached out to my lovely sister despite my uncontrollable laughter. I asked that she get me Draino. Instead, she informs me that this is not for use in the toilette. She shows up to be my knight in shinning armor with her professional plunger in her gloved hands. Anyone that can deal with cleaning up a mess of such magnitude without even batting an eye is an Angel sent from the heavens. She proceeded to unclog and clean. I drank beer and patted myself on the back for calling my sister. Wonderful lady.

This post is dedicated to her and all those other amazing people out there.


To Friday! We made it!!!

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