The M is for Mischief

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I did a bad thing…
Yesterday at work, I found myself with a little bit of time between hectic schedules. I learned that my lovely co-worker would not be in and that she would have someone covering for her. The person covering was a new hire at our firm… Let’s call her Sally***. Sally had emailed my coworker to check in and get tips as to how to best assist the executives.
I quickly ran over to my coworker’s desk.

This was it!- I thought to myself. I had been plotting how to scare the new floater from the moment my coworker said she was going away. I quickly began penning my coworker’s reply after I shoved her away from her keyboard…

M: Hi Sally, Please pick up the phones for Pete and Dylan. Please do not look Dylan in the eyes as it throws him off. He will be traveling on Friday. Make sure to contact his Butler so that he can fly Dylan to the airport via helicopter.
Sally: Ok, so I only have to pick up phones for two people. Please email IT so that I may have access to everyone’s contact.
Since Sally responded in a professional manner I panicked and let my coworker respond with the actual details of Sally’s assignment.
Sally’s response: Ok, but can I also have the contact information for the butler?
I then resumed my evil plan…
M: No, Please ask Dylan or M for the information as it is very hush hush.
O:) I conferred with another coworker and she told me I was going to hell. This made my cold little heart melt a little and I emailed Sally from my own email.
Mary: Sally, I am soooooo sorry. There is no butler! :(I promise I will behave and that we will have fun the next week and a half ::puts herself in the timeout corner:: 😦
Sally: Wait, Can I look him in the eyes? I feel like I just got punk’d. I was googling Dylan so that I could know what he looks like to make sure I did not look him in the eyes!
Well then… haha!!! I laughed so hard through all of this. I suspect HR will be on their way to see me today to tell me 1. Stop using email for pranks 2. Keep the noise down- my crazy is showing.
Have a great Thursday Everyone! Don’t believe everything you read!
***Names were changed to protect the innocent. 

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