Good Pictures: Learn a thing or two


I find it very difficult to take pictures in front of a mirror. It’s just an odd way of doing things. It’s even more difficult to smile at yourself and the camera. Now put that combination together with doing things in a hurry or super early in the morning and we have a cocktail for near disaster. In the real world I smile lots. On this blog, not so much.
Pic on left: Don’t pop your knee, and Don’t do the teapot! (not short and stout- maybe the short part… but that’s only because everyone’s tall-ER but I’m SUPER amazing! ::Zing!::)…
Pic on right: Yes!– Work the angles! (Note to self: It’s ok to have curves but try to avoid looking like I need a potty break! It might be good to get rid of the camera in all my pics?… C’est la vie)…
I have lots to learn on taking pictures. Always remember: Suck it in, posture, throw it back and learn your angles! And in the end: It might not hurt to crack a smile!!! 🙂
Show ’em what you’re workin’ with! Now- Watch yourself! haha!

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