To a New Hire…

I point my toe… point toe

Dear Ms. Thing,

So I have concluded that I have been here for way too long. Please take every piece of advice I have given you with a grain of salt. Every sort of negative statement that I have hurled your way- take it and turn it into a positive. You seem to have a great head on your shoulders so definitely integrate everything I have told you with your own “new” perspective.

I trust that your judgement will be best. Also, don’t let anyone thwart you. Everyone here loves a new person / perspective to drag down… Don’t let them! fight it with all you have. It’s not up to you to be in charge of everyone / other people’s happiness but it is up to you to decide on what makes you happy and to not allow your circumstances or your environment to dictate your mood. Be you, be happy, be optimistic. Stay that way. HOLD ON TO THAT!!!

And in the end, when you climb that corporate ladder to sit at the the table where decisions are made- May the world be awed by your hard work and dedication. Go out there and kick some a*s


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