So Worth it…

From a couple of weekends ago


I am late to the party but I guess I was having a bit of dread thinking about today’s post. I took the day off but will be sharing an outfit post later this evening. I am going out with a coworker for drinks and dinner…
I wanted to let everyone know that after SIX years of working at the Puppy Dog- I, Mary, did the unthinkable. I even surprised myself- I handed in my letter of resignation. The official end date is April 9th (which I totally picked out of thin air). HR asked if I would be willing to stay on past that while they search for a new candidate so I may stay a bit longer. 
Life is good but you have to get out into the world and LIVE. There is no waiting for a tomorrow that never comes. Tomorrow is in the future, all we have is this moment and today. Great perspectives are gained through suffering and we are made better people because we are challenged. 
I have had enough of complaining about my job. A job that is pretty much awesome with great perks and where I get to work alongside great bosses. If a job does not bring you happiness due to (insert complaint here) then it’s time to move on and change your circumstances. 
The thing about being a grown up is that you must make those hard decisions. I made mine. I chose to go out into this crazy world and job market and roll the dice. I have a feeling luck, the universe, god(s), positivity is on my side. Going with it and embracing whatever life brings. I was meant to be in this moment and learn these lessons. 
Thanks for reading! 
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