Failing is Part of Making your Dreams Come True…

“‘When you find your own unique life path, you will be happier than you ever were. Finding that path is itself part of the journey,’ Ziegler says. And, as the adage goes, even the longest journey begins with a single step — so, keep walking, even after you stumble.” – Refinery29

Sometimes taking a couple of steps back and re-evaluating the situation before moving forward is an enlightened move. I had been having some doubts about turning in my resignation on Wednesday, my day off. As soon as I walked into those glass doors on Thursday, I thanked my lucky stars that I could countdown on my fingers my last days. No more complaining, I had taken action and will be leaving on my own terms.
I continued the rounds of letting people know that I would be leaving. I do not believe in secrets and I know that the news would get around. I wanted to drive the narrative as best I could. Some of the reactions, aside from sadness, were comments like “I can’t even express- we will be in mourning,” exasperated comments such as “Why do all the good people go?- Is this an early April Fool’s joke?”… and my personal favorite- “Mary is leaving us and everything is going to hell…”. 
It feels great to know that I will be missed. My mom made fun of me when she made the very astute observation- “Mary, why are you so sad- You’re the one that chose to leave. They didn’t kick you out.” I will miss all my coworkers… 
I had a good run- SIX Years! (I can’t believe I even made it that far!!!) It’s the end of an era!
 Now onto finding a whole other job thing… 🙂

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