Why Suffer?

I paid off all bills and am reigning in my spending. The only thing I will miss is all the shopping. Tightening up my belt- haha! With no pressure from work- I won’t need retail therapy! That way I have less pressure to even having to think that I owe anything. I want to be 100% committed to my job search and relaxing. With the summer coming, I will get to enjoy the city at its most beautiful (according to me :p).

My mom has always said that she most definitely did not bring me into the world to endure suffering. Yes, there are times when horrible things happen. During these times, there are great lessons to be learned. I believe what my mom meant was that there is no need to suffer needlessly. If there is anything about your circumstances that you can change (even if it’s a more positive outlook and more strength to be found) you should always chose action. If you are in a job you do not like- quit! Clearly it is advisable to have another one prior to doing the quitting. I will be that one person, that outlier, who will not only kill it but will rebuild herself anew. I will shine. I will succeed.

Off to class and then to visit a friend 🙂

Radiating positivity. Making sh* happen.

“No Se Sufre”- my mum (I will name my first yacht  this- haha! )

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