Kicking A*s & Taking Names

Dress / Blouse / Shoes – Old (Similar)
/ Monarch Ring

So, I am not going to lie. I may be university educated (comfortably positions nerd glasses back on nose ::laughs-snorts::) but I keep my gangsta’*** in my back pocket. You know the drill- you are super nice and seemingly inoffensive… And that’s good and all but sometimes people try to overstep. And now this works even better if you have, historically, never cursed in front of them or even so much as raised your voice above a whisper.  This my friends is when you have to do the following:

You very casually let them take a breath (potentially their last?- who knows?) and then you give them this:

1.”Excuse me, what did you say?

2. Play “dumb” aka give them a chance to hang themselves

3. You move into their personal space

4. Look them DIRECTLY in their eyes

5. Say “hol’ up” (EXACTLY like that- without the -d)

6. Speak your truth- be honest and forthright. If words fail you- I use my usual fallback- “What the f-!”

7. For emphasis- I use my fourth grade teacher’s trick- reach for a ruler and whack that bad boy on your desk. (Clearly keep a ruler handy at ALL times)

8. Now hold your face in such a position that says ‘Yea, I just did that‘ and give them the evil eye as you walk away

9. Number 9 is CRITICAL- I repeat CRITICAL. Don’t do anything more. The less the better and don’t be too “dramatic”. KISS method this (Keep it simple St*pid). Be professional and don’t hold a grudge.

Remember you must have boundaries and limitations (© Cesar Milan – the Puppy Whisperer).

You’ve just been schooled. You’re welcome!

Dammit! Right there I just gave away the secret sauce. Use it wisely! With great power comes great responsibility.

***abbreviation for gangstAr

Happy Wednesday!!!

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