Day 2,015… Last Day at the Puppy Dog!!!

It’s been 2,015 days* since I first stepped foot in my department…

“I wish I had the courage to…” Have you ever thought that to yourself? I wish I could but…

These 18 months have been the turning point of my life. I simply decided to show up. Stay awake, be engaged, and fully participate. Who would have thought that simple resolution could have changed so much.
I began expecting (no- demanding) more of myself and others. What a whirlwind this past year and a half has been! I was fearless enough to do the following thus far:
-Started a blog
-Went to Peru
-Embraced being single and reveled in freedom
-Became a Notary
-Went to the Dominican Republic
-Became an Associate in Ecdysiasm
-Became Certified in CPR / First Aid / AED
-Saw a life coach and career counselor
-Went to BlogShop
-Photography Class @ ICP
-Continuing Ed Classes
-Put in the work and the effort
-Began my journey to a new career path
This summer is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to watch it unfold. 
Leaving my job was one of the scariest decisions to make but I think the ending of this chapter in my life will truly be the beginning of something great. I will miss all my friends at work and all my bosses. They were truly the only reason why I stayed for as long as I did. I will miss everyone. 
Sometimes you just have to ::JUMP!!!::

To new beginnings!

Happy Tuesday!

.::Sparkle 2013::.

*Thank you “Freedom Clock” that calculated the time. 

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