If I Cheat…

Would you tell on me?

So I have become used to this whole blogging thing. I am not even certain how big my audience is (is anyone out thereeeee? haha) but I love to SHARE. It’s like the honesty and happiness valve has been opened and the flood cannot be contained.

I was thinking, since I wake up a bit later, should I delay posts so that I post outfits of yesterday? I don’t even know how comfortable I feel about that. It feels like I am lying… For now it remains. This outfit was worn on Thursday April something (I can’t remember the day! haha!).

Yesterday, my mum did not approve of my ripped pants. She said I had acclimated too fast to this whole “vacation, no job” thing. I let her know how much those pants retail for… She told me that next time I can buy the pants and she will make the holes for me. Pants with holes are more expensive- why is that? I got mine on sale :). Today, I give you whole pants. Lucky you!

Have a great one!

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