Every Moment Leads to Now

Good Morning 🙂 🙂

How to even begin this post- My alternative title was “I Lost My Phone” but I figured the above one was more appropriate.

Last night, I lost my PHONE!!! This morning, I woke up and remembered the tragedy and all I could do was- BE GRATEFUL!!!

I must have been having an amazing time to have even lost my phone. That and I had never lost my phone before. The novelty of that alone makes it worth it a million times over. I am always grateful for new experiences, whether good or bad. There’s always a story to be told.

I also had a dentist appointment early in the morning. I went to the train and the train was not working. I laughed, ran back to my building and went to my sister’s house. I called my dentist. They informed me that there would be a $75 fee. I immediately let them know I was currently unemployed. The lady on the phone told me that I had interrupted her and that she was about to say that my fee was waived since I had never missed an appointment. The lady told me, I am going to work a miracle- and did she ever! I rescheduled for Wednesday, which was the only available time slot until next month. I also informed her that they could not call me to confirm my appointment since I had lost my phone. The lady on the phone laughed at me and told me I was having a bad day. I said, no, I was actually happy and having a blast now that I lost my phone. My phone is currently on an adventure and will make its way back to me.

I don’t know what else to say except… I had someone tell me that they no longer read my blog. They said it was “too positive- there’s NO way that anyone could have THAT many good days.” To that I say- even when I am having a “bad” day… To ME, I am having a GOOD F*ING DAY! haha!

Smiling, laughing, and living… You should do the same! Have a good one!

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