I received what I perceived to be nearly a death threat:  “”so you quit your job and stop blogging?!?! unacceptable!! you do not get people hooked and then drop them like a bad habit!” haha! Friends are awesome. And in that vein- LET’S GET ON WITH IT!

So I did not know how much of my identity was enmeshed with going out in the world to do this whole “work” thing and coming back with a paycheck (aka the turkey bacon). Holy crap I miss the routine of getting up and having some place to be. This whole “staying home” is foreign to me. I’m the type of gal that has their apartment to shower and sleep PERIOD. I dash out at every opportunity. My apartment has never been a “home” to me. It has never been a place that I have felt comfortable hanging out in. Even when I throw parties, it feels mildly uncomfortable. How do you welcome people to where you feel out of place. I want to find that this year- I want to find a home. A space where I feel comfortable being…just being in.
Being stuck here is odd to me. I have this fear of domestication that moves beyond just being confronted with chores. There’s this little voice inside of me that says “I am in my apartment, perhaps I should clean or cook or something…” My apartment is immaculate and I don’t want to freaking cook! I am not handling this part of unemployment well. I can take the tons of doing nothingness until my vacation, I think. Perhaps I am an undiagnosed workaholic. How does one dress for this? I don’t even know how to dress!!! AAAAAHHHHHH haha! I am being very dramatic. This is part of the reason I have sort of tapered off. I need to find new topics and a different way of dressing. I have not found it yet but I will try my best to be consistent and to keep those that have become addicted to my blog happy. Hi children- I am your drug pusher ;p. (DRUGS ARE BAD! DON’T DO DRUGS! But please do keep reading my Blog!).
Let’s end with a solution- I will resolve to write down in advance all ideas for my “dress down” outfits. Just like I did when I first started dressing for work. This is my new challenge. And hey- you never know if I will end up working in a less structured environment where jeans are ok ::Gasp::Dreams can come true::Sigh::. And while we are on solutions- perhaps I should explore what going “outside” means. You know- like going out into the “nA- ture”. Adventures!

Happy Tuesday! Keep it clean people!

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