To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Two pups for the price of one w. a side of tongue
I have been keeping a dirty little secret. I have multiple accounts on micro blogging sites that I haven’t taken the time to learn or launch. I hide in plain site…To combat my inability to finish projects- hold me accountable. I am putting myself on blast. I give you my badges of shame. 
Unfinished business:
  • @littlebitofM – definitely going to be exploring this Twitter-rage. This would be a great forum to explore my Meditate on this… category that I have going on. A positive note a day seems worth tweeting as well as my sass and smart*ss commentary. 

  • Tumblr– More of the random me (read: interesting articles etc.) that does not make it on this blog can go here… Not sure if Tumblr is a keeper for me though. It may prove to either be addictive. It can go either way.

  • aSipofMartini – I bought this domain as a spur of the moment thing. Sometimes going with your “gut instinct” is more like an inspired moment. I thought I could potentially flesh this blog out as a happiness guide/gauge for the pup. Working on her happiness will contribute to lessening my owner’s guilt and contribute to my own happiness (selfishly selfless I say). 

Friend me, follow me or whatever it is… Helping you procrastinate since 2012. Bringing my brand of crazy across the interwebs! 
Puppy Haircut- Ready for warmer weather!

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