Puppy Exposure Therapy: A Tutorial

Martini kept barking at the balloons left over from a party. Solution: tie them around her plump puppy middle! It worked like a charm! Pup stopped barking and was frazzled by the balloons following her around. Tini ran to my mom for help- AIN’T NOTHING GONNA SAVE YOU PUP! My mom said that the mind of the lazy and idle person has interesting ideas- that I do! 
I am actually fending off death and had my mommy lady come over to mother me. I am hoping that I do not get more sick. The puppy doesn’t respect my sick. She keeps trying to play fetch- she deserves a million balloons tied around her middle! Only I would decide that sickness is best once I have no health insurance. This evening, I have class so hopefully I slide on over there. To a speedy recovery! Making miracles happen!
Happy Tuesday! 
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