Paul Selig Review: Channeling Guides

Last night, I attended an event at the Meta Center in Chelsea. It was an event featuring Paul Selig who is a medium, spirit channeler and empath. From what I gathered, he works with energies and is able to help align people with higher vibrations. 
Something very poignant that he said was this concept of our history. Everyone has a past and a history but these are not who we are. We can choose to close the door on those things and move forward with the intention to change and be our best selves. There are also those of us who are bogged down by our history and so it follows us like a cart full of dung and we constantly live our lives swatting the flies away. Our lives then become about both our burden and swatting away those darn flies. It is up to us to actively choose to change the frequency on our radio so that we are at a higher level. We can acknowledge and thank our history for teaching us great lessons and making us stronger but we must move forward and close the door on it in order to make better decisions in our present.
He also touched on how we are deserving of love and compassion. This means that we should not beat ourselves up over our history and our past deeds. We must realize the sacredness within us and others as we are the personification of god (non-religious entity that is representative of the perfection in the universe). Once we make a choice based in fear, you invite more fear into your life. We should be responsible and choose to hold your vibration at a higher level. If you live in love you will also attract it. If you live in positivity, you guide all that is positive into your life. Life is about realizing that we are not victims and that we have more power than we give ourselves credit for. We should be taking responsibility for our circumstances and the life that we are living.
If you wish to have love, you may have it. You have the choice to regard yourself as worthy of this. Who are we to deny our worth? Know your true worth and live your life in accordance with your high worth. 
The event was an embraceable moment, as I like to call it. Just because I did not fully understand it does not mean that I did not learn from it or get something from it. I left myself open to the possibilities. I will let myself digest everything that transpired. 
I will say this, when it first got started I was worried that the 2 hours would be an eternity. I looked up at the clock after what felt like 10 minutes and the event was over. While he was winding down and saying his goodbyes, he comes up to me and comments on how I am reveling in my freedom. 
After the event, I went home and tried signing up for the weekend workshop that he has for the end of the month. My credit card did not go through. I took this as a sign to not move forward. I’ll catch you at the next one, Paul. 
Enjoy your Saturday! 
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