Interviewing with Anxiety… No Xanax for me!

My Semi Retirement Vacation was supposed to be one where I just relaxed. Over the past few weeks, I have actually found myself going on a few interviews. I get very nervous during interviews and have found the following to be helpful when preparing for them:
For me it is more about the relaxation techniques. I like to do Bikram yoga the day before or dance around to happy songs to burn that anxiety the day of the interview. I sometimes even jump around. If at any moment you feel a bit silly, ask yourself, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?
Have a mantra or saying that makes you feel safe or reminds you of how awesome you are. I use :: I am a smart and articulate person::. Also, in my particular instance, I was ready to resign. I did not really NEED a job IMMEDIATELY. I was able to remind myself of this and that alone took some of the edge off. But by the same token, be prepared for the interview and give it the seriousness it deserves. Do not come across as being uninterested.
Remind yourself that the interviewers are human too, just like you. If anxiety gets the best of you- apologize and say that you’re a bit nervous.
Now, rinse and repeat!!! The more interviews you get, the more practice. The more exposure to interviews the less you will fear them.
Happy Monday!

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