BREAKING NEWS: You Keep Yourself Down

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One of the most important moments for me in beginning to turn my life around was realizing that I was complicit in my own unhappiness.

I had maintained myself in a low energy which resulted in my unhappiness. I was constantly making decisions that fed into that negativity and attracted more negativity into my life. In realizing that I was the only one to blame, I also found strength and realized that I was the only one with the power to turn things around. I became the one and only agent in charge of my own change. I struggled with the being happy no matter what my circumstances or environment.

If you are not happy with yourself in your current state you will NOT be happy once you (lose weight? Get surgery? Have that hot partner? Move to _____? Buy that big house you can’t afford?) . Putting up these “goals” and then coating them with hope that maybe things will be better once these goals are achieved are all lies. If you are not happy with yourself now, you will not be happy with yourself then- you will just be skinnier, surgeried, with a hot wo/man, in a different location, sitting in a big house STILL UNHAPPY.

You have to work on finding happiness in your current state and in the process itself instead of delaying it to a future date. You have to work on being satisfied with what you have and not comparing yourself to others or a past self. Love all of you, with all your perfect imperfections. I personally like that I am “imperfectly perfect.”

Everyone has their shortfalls. It’s how you use these to your advantage. Leverage what you have. It makes you you, it makes you unique. People look at me and see this small and cute (the word used to describe pretty for small people- I prefer beautiful) person with a big smile. I like being underestimated. They don’t see my brand of b*tch coming at them (though in my olden age I have mellowed out substantially).

I had a huge smile with crooked teeth and I have a huge smile after braces. Still smiling. 
You are this dynamic, ever evolving being. LOVE every part of you! 🙂 You deserve it!

Be kind to yourself.

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