Business Casual

My first day at work went well. I sat in a bunch of training sessions and took notes on everything. I am not worried about the tsunami of information that was hurled my way. I figure that everything will be absorbed through osmosis. I will eventually learn the structure of the company and will be able to navigate everything smoothly. I feel like, as a new hire, my only job is to listen and ask the right questions. That’s it. No sense in stressing about what I don’t know or still need to learn. Everyone was lovely. At some point this week, I will have a welcome lunch with my department. Next week, I will go watch them run the JP Morgan race and will go to the Q2 Happy Hour for the company. Everyone I met was happy to be there… That can only be a great sign.
I am still getting used to waking up earlier to make my new 8:30am start time. I get up way before my alarm. The excitement of it all just does not let me sleep. And that’s a good thing.
I have to re-tweak my clothes for a more business casual dress code. That’s right, you read that right! I work in a more laid back environment where this summer I will be a part of JEANS FRIDAY! I can’t wait!
Have a fantastic day!
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