Do you check your horoscope? I am intrigued by mine. It’s like they know me:

“The Law of Attraction only works if you believe your desires are possible. Confront your limiting “I can’t” thoughts and you’ll see exactly why you haven’t manifested your desires. Then again, are you setting the bar impossibly high? We all want to be millionaires, but if a few extra Benjamins would lighten your load, start there. Small successes buoy your confidence in going after the bigger ones.” – Pisces via Refinery29

I am obsessed with the Law of Attraction and I was thinking that I was bogged down by a bit of negativity and worry. Yes, I have a good amount of negativity and worry that I have to work on. Positivity is a life long journey and motivating is hard. I struggle with these things every day and I am a bit hesitant to admit this but I think I might be stuck in a funk. Cutting myself some slack today- you should too.

Happy Monday All!

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