On Loyalty…

Dress (old- H&M) / Jacket (old Aritzia) / Shoes (Similar)

There’s something to be said about exploring. I am not someone who is married to a brand. I like to mix it up- anything goes. Great things can come from all brands. At this point, ‘luxury’ goods have drastically gone down in workmanship and quality. “Made in Italy” or whatever other country is not an automatic sign of a long lasting product. These characteristics no longer mean what they used to.
I think at this point, as a consumer, it is wise to truly pick from the full spectrum of products available. Great products can come from the Targets, Payless and other ‘lower’ end stores on the spectrum.
I prefer mixing items from different stores and am not loyal to any particular brands. I use the aesthetically different pieces to create a unique look. It’s great when people look at what you are wearing and they can’t immediately pinpoint where it’s from. Wearing things that fit great and look amazing, no matter how much it cost, elevates the whole look. This dress might be from H&M and costs $35 but because the fit is perfect (and I am wearing it ;p)- all you will know is that it looks awesome.
Have a great day!

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