I’ve come undone.

Tuesday’s outfit… We are back on time delay mode.

Silence on the airwaves equals a total Sh*t Show behind the scenes. You can quote me on that one!

My room and apartment are a mess.

My life is a bit chaotic.

Job is… painfully. slowly. I.N.C.H.I.N.G. towards… Uncertainty. I haven’t gotten fired yet- can I claim success on that level?

No idea what I am doing. It seems to be too difficult for me to take care of my present self, plan for the future and maintain a cohesive front while learning new tasks.

AND YET- I couldn’t help but smile while taking the above photo. Don’t let that smile fool you- I have been quite miserable as of late and did not want to subject you to that.

I threatened to unveil my mess to the world if I did not clean up. I am exposing myself for the fraud that I am. Perhaps then things will change.

Going forward with taking photographs- I will take 3 shots. Out of the three I will choose ONE. That ONE will not be cropped or altered (save for color/lighting).

Shit just got real. If I can’t get myself together- out into the open my shortcomings will go.

Dear Future Self: 

Please forgive me if for some reason you are mortified with looking back at this. This was done in a moment of desperation to push for change. Change that is sorely needed. It’s about time that I started expecting more of myself. Expecting and “trying” is no longer enough. If I couldn’t deliver- it was only correct that I resorted to brute force. Feel free to delete this post in the future. Though that may be too late as the interwebs have a pesky way of becoming burned into public records/consciousness. I got shit done- deal with it! I am holding you hostage! Pray that I acted accordingly… Peace b*tch!

Thinking of you,

M of the Past

Retreating to my mess of books

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