Dear Friends:***

I am crazy- this we know.

I may try to run and hide. I will definitely try pushing you away. When I go through difficult times, I try to keep my self apart so that I don’t inflict my sad self on anyone.

I ask one thing of you- keep pushing me. Push me to show up. Push me to have fun. Push me to lighten up.

What I do by myself in times such as these is watch TLC and cry. Not because Honey Boo Boo had anything particularly touching to say or because that lady said yes to her dress… It’s just that I am feeling down and can’t help but have tears streaming down my cheeks every so often (TLC- what the f*ck!). This will pass. I will be fine in no time. I don’t know what is the matter with me but I believe in acknowledging my feelings.  You may not notice anything was ever “wrong” to begin with but I want to have a record of my few sad moment(s). I thought I should present a more balanced picture of my feelings, emotions and State of the M. Change is hard and my sadness only reflects the fact that I am growing at a fast pace and I am resisting ever so slightly. I give you this as evidence of my rut/mood of non-happiness/transitioning period.

I beg your pardon in advance and ask that you not stop inviting me.

Thank you,

Real M

***I am feeling a lot better this morning 🙂 Happy Thursday all!

“On how important happiness is to him: ‘It wasn’t for a long time. I didn’t
even mind wallowing in misery occasionally. I found that enjoyable. But when
your son comes along, you want to try and show as much of the good stuff
that’s out there to him. Because there’s plenty of good stuff.’ 

James Gandolfini via GQ

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