Reasons to SMILE

I should be embarrased that I do not smile on here but I don’t like the photo’s that I do smile in. I don’t like my face and/or expression. I feel like taking a smiling photo i actually like will take forever. I am probably just making excuses. Should I only smile in all my pics- perhaps. Many of you have commented to me that I should SMILE. I have even received texts. You don’t like my pout à la Victoria Beckham? I should listen. Smiling is an unguarded moment and to catch that in a single instance via a pic does not do it justice. A pic freezes a collection of instances. Smiling is an action and a totality of small movements and adjustments. Taking a snipbit and displaying it makes me uneasy- I do not like it! I dont have anyone to smile at. I am smiling at my camera via a mirror whilst trying to hurry up and run out the door. I smile a lot in person. Maybe you should make an appointment to see me face to face :).

Smiling on this lovely Friday- the clouds have lifted!

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