Press Pause

There is no stopping.

You would think- oh, let me take a day off to sort things out and get things done. No, that probably would not work in my case. I had about a month and a half off and sorting myself out just did not happen in that time frame. Things did not get worse but at the same time, I did not do the summer cleaning and organization that I wanted. It’s very difficult to have so many moving parts, take care of the present and prepare for the future.

Even with getting dressed in the morning, I find it very difficult to put clothes away after I have worn them or even putting laundry and dishes away. Finishing is always an issue with me. To think that a day off will solve things is just fooling myself. Living with it while I learn to be super woman to the highest power.

So, clearly, my solution to getting things in ship shape was to go shopping Friday evening! I figure I get the temptation out of the way and maybe I shall stay home and motivate? Hey, you want to come over and watch me clean? Feel free to stop by!!! Maybe I should put on a pretty dress and some heels to clean… No- you don’t do laundry in pumps? Haha! There is no stopping me!

Let’s see what amazingness comes out of this weekend! Have a great Saturday!

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