An Ode to the Murse

I present to you the Man Purse! I love me a man that knows that maybe he needs a little more than his wallet and keys to make it through the day! That’s right- feel my pain! A little extra to carry around- you’re a man who gets shit done! Congrats!
I love me a good murse. I am always intrigued by the person behind the bag. I love something a bit rugged but yet with an edge of chic. The guy knows he’s beyond the book-bag years and he’s a grown *ss man. I am tempted to get one… masculine awesomeness! Don’t call it a “brief case”! Carry with ::PRIDE::! Own it! 
I love all bags! You know you have a problem when you find yourself taking hidden pics of people on the train. Who would do that?!!!? Geez!
Would it make it better if I was trying to take a pic of his crotch? Sexual harassment much?
 Hopefully this made a great side to your main course of Church! Happy Sunday!
Thank you for reading!

“Got my hands up, they’re playin’ my song. And now, I’m gonna be okay. Yeah!” 🙂

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