Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

I’ve got a lead!

In regards to the pimple situation, I think I should go the getting a facial route. The place that was recommended was Jade Spa. Their cheesy website does not inspire me- What does convince me is my friend’s radiating complexion. Their prices are very reasonable and I can sneak in a massage…

I was thinking and I also remembered that another friend had recommended Bliss Spa many moons ago. I was investigating on their website and their “fully loaded facial” sounds very tempting despite its hefty price tag. It includes a head, neck, shoulder, arm and foot massage. It also has cool features such as a “skin-type-specific rubberizing mask.” Very S&M-ish, I must say.

I will make my decision on Pay Day- when all rational decisions should be made…

I hope whichever one I pick can make miracles happen. Must book an appointment for next week and will report back! If anything, I can eventually try them both. Why pick?

This Acne does not stand a chance! I’ve declared mass warfare!

Kickin’ *ss on this Wednesday! Have a great day!

Thanks for reading…

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