B*tch PLEASE: Rethinking Past Choices

I iz fancy! Happy Friday everyone!

I was thinking (which is always a dangerous proposition with me) that things need to change with the old wardrobe due to this whole business casual dress code. Certain things will not translate well into my new workplace. Too fancy or daring, I am putting these into retirement:


Now, I work in the HR department so, I think, that there needs to be a little bit of a more conservative tone struck. I can’t take as many risks though, technically, I am working in a “business casual” environment. My issue is two-fold, I have to adjust my clothes to the new category of “business casual” and I have to take a little bit less risks. At my previous job 1. I stopped caring 2. I had a proven track record- so again, I didn’t care as much.

With new interactions, we have to be careful about the message that we send out and now I am revising my message. No more leather or too tight things. I love to dress up! I think it’s like inhabiting a role or being in a play. You just decide, who you want to be for the day and you get to pick the clothes that will tell that story. If, it doesn’t work for you, try something different the next day! Simple. Some of the things I have warn, I now look back and think that I had b*lls to leave my house like that… Toning it down.

::Cracking the Whip!:: 

Locking these looks in the AlittlebitofM VAULT!

“Ive got the magic in me

every time i touch that track it turns into gold
now everyone knows I’ve got the magic in me
now everybody wants some crystal magic
its tricks that on a tempo will blow your mind
pick a verse, any verse ill hypnotize you with every line”
– Pitch Perfect


Have a good one!

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