Chase Bank: POSSIBLE vs. Impossible

I was working on my fluffy post for today- You know the one, no outfit post but something random.

I went to go check my bank account to see what my balance was on my credit card with Chase. I am shocked by the fact that my balance is so low on my checking account so I click in.

I see that somehow- someone has withdrawn NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS(!!!) out of my account.

I immediately call chase as I am shaking. I get on the phone with a customer representative who transfers me to the fraud department. The representative from the fraud department with the dullest most “omg, I’m bored and don’t want to deal with people” voice goes on the scripted conversation of how a claim will be filed but then she adds (off script- which maybe she should stay away from improv) that it will not come back in my favor.

Then she goes on to say that it is impossible that someone could have done a transaction like the one that happened to me. This my friends is when something clicked. Here is this person, who is probably not happy with her job, sitting there with ZERO empathy (not even able to convey the scripted kind) telling me TELLING ME that this is IMPOSSIBLE. Well, honey, let me tell you, if it happened to me- it is POSSIBLE!

Whoever took the money, needed it more than I. They took a finite amount and, in the process, managed to have lost a lot more of themselves. It saddens me that they are in such a position. That money that is “missing” will come back to me a million times over and then some. I don’t worry about the money, this is not about that.

Last month, I had my Chase credit card information stolen and had that reissued as well. Over the years, this has happened on a repeated basis. This recent event has compounded everything.

Our information is not safe. I figured I might as well give away my credit card number at this point. I am not safe going to a CHASE branded bank with ATM machines in Midtown Manhattan in the middle of the day (Yes, Your machines. Your bank. With your cameras capturing every moment- but you will not look at the video…).  What is left?

Chase, I say to you: 

You freaking own me. I have been a banking customer since I was 17, I remember going with my mom to get my first bank account. She wanted me to know how to save money, have a bank account, and a credit card before I went off to college. Once I moved off campus, I wrote out your checks for rent. When I graduated, I chose you as my loan servicing company.  I knew your name. I trusted you. 

Every day that I make a transaction- whether buying my morning coffee, going out with friends or shopping, I think of you- you drive my life. I thought I was safe and secure but this experience has left me empty.  

Now, when I go to buy my first house and for every other milestone along the way- will I keep choosing you? After today, I just don’t know. Restore my faith in you. 


About Chase- They were ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction in 2012 (let’s see about 2013)… Going off to read “Why Chase?“- I hope their “unmatched dedication to our customers” also includes me…

*** My credit card was deactivated- the one thing the rep did right.

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