Chase Bank: Beware of M

Reward: $900 Dollars
Height: 4foot7 – 4foot9
Weight: 98 lbs – 103 lbs
Identifying Markers: scar over on the right eyebrow

If you see her, please do not approach…

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of taking the time. I am going to go through the appeals process, blogging and tweeting at Chase, letter writing, and you know what- I have never picketed anything in my life- perhaps I should. There’s is something to be said when an institution cannot muster the energy to treat its customers with some degree of empathy. Going through the motions and then some. Fighting this.

Something in the milk ain’t clean about this whole situation. If it takes me making some noise for Chase to take a hard look at itself and realize it needs to change- then so be it.

Cranky and raising hell on this Wednesday morn… Have a good one!

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