Stats/My Numbers: Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps and GlamGlow CostCo Review

Soooooo, clearly, I am potentially one of the worst bloggers ever. I only recently began looking at my stats and traffic. I was perusing all the data when I came across my most popular posts- apparently they are the ones where I did product reviews- Ann Taylor’s Perfect Pump (250 page views) and GlamGlow (106 page views). That’s so crazy. I did a quick yahoo search of “Ann Taylor Perfect Pump Review” and apparently I am on PAGE 4!!!! haha! That’s ridiculous!!! All I did was do what I love- I shopped, I tried things, and, my super shameful thrill- potentially the BEST part, I RETURNED.

I love giving my opinion on things- all I have to remember is to not put vague titles. Show them what you are showing them (I learned this in burlesque class- thank you Headmistress Jo “Boobs” Weldon). Put the product you’re selling up front for all to see on display. Name and tag appropriately. Then let my view spill forth. Bringing the numbers over to favor me ;p. Massaging the numbers I say! Will I now become a, dare I say it, NUMBERS WH@RE?!!!??

Now I can tell people “DON’T YOU KNOWWWW MEEEEE???!!!! GOOGLE ME!” orrrrrrr NOT!!!

Working on this blogging thing is totally not work.

G-d is for sure playing a practical joke on everyone- MAKE SURE TO BE IN ON IT AND LAUGH WITH HER!

Crash course in blogging. Lesson learned my friends….

All jokes aside- I want to take the time to thank YOU. I don’t know who all of you are and I may have never seen you but I want to thank you for taking the time to read about my adventures and this crazy project of mine. I don’t need to understand it- this is most definitely an embraceable moment.

Happy Saturday!

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