Dropping a BOMB: VAGINA vagina VaGiNa vagina VAGINA

I introduced the idea of RAW on Monday and I meant it. I want this blog to grow up to be similar to the conversations I had with my girlfriends that began in my all girls catholic high school on A days and the continuing discourse that’s ongoing across interactions with friends over the years. One of the many varied topics of conversation that we had were about sex, vaginas and penises. I am taking this time to reiterate this:


These are words and correct anatomical names for body parts. Why do these words make us squeamish? I want you to get comfortable with this because I think this signals a huge U-turn for us. We have never gotten this intimate. I want it to be an educated conversation that is both candid and supportive. And, if for some reason, we can’t put these thoughts into words- I want to analyze that silence and discomfort.

I think we just got to a whole other level in our relationship. I hope this made you uncomfortable. We are done with the niceties- now I am going into your bedroom.

Simmer in it and come back to me. We have a lot to talk about.

Happy, HAPPY Thursday!

“We’re still living in the Victorian age when it comes to sexuality. Vagina has to be a household word. It should be a topic discussed at the dinner table when you’re having a dinner party.” Nancy Fish  via NYTimes commenting on the book Vagina: A New Biography aka the newest addition to my reading list.

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